Quality System @ SSI

Shree Salasar Industries is committed to providing products and services that meet or exceed all customer requirements and applicable standards and specifications Each employee is committed to this goal. The Corporate Quality Policy is to continually improve installation performance by supplying -on time-goods, services and information of a quality standard that shall consistently meet or exceed the requirements of our customers. We will ensure a high level of customer satisfaction to maintain long term commitments, productive customer relationships, and to provide a positive work environment. All personnel of the firm are responsible for the attainment and maintenance of this quality standard is ISO 9001- 2015 certified and is regularly audited by outside parties for performance to this standard. The implementation of the Corporate Quality Policy has resulted in the establishment of our Quality System and it's associated Quality Procedures. Our dedication to Quality Improvement is expressed throughout our training of new employees and the continuous training of all employees Each employee of quality control unit is responsible for the quality of the product and services that he or she shall produce or provide Employee training and accountability is a significant part of our quality program. Our quality plan is reviewed on a regular basis in our Quality Improvement Meetings. All employees, from top management to the newest hire are represented at the Quality Improvement Meetings. All feedback from customer contacts, by our Field Representatives, Sales Representatives and Management Representatives is discussed.

Basic contents of the Quality Policy:

The information that we receive from our customers is critical in the formation of our Quality Plan. To insure that the needs of our customer are transmitted to all employees and acted upon in a timely and effective manner. The policy lays down the basic philosophy and translates it into practice, by defining formalized procedures to be completed in sequential steps.

. Utmost Satisfaction of Client's expectation.
. Innovative, cost and time effective services.
. Consistent and continuous quality improvement.
. Fulfilments of defined quality objective targets.

It's our continuous efforts to go beyond norms & limits set by standards and create our own standards to achieve excellence. Emphasis is given on detailed study of subjects and fields of our interest at "Shree Salasar Industries". We ensure that detailed drawings, specifications and materials with correct properties only, are supplied/made available for All Types of HDPE Pipes for Water Supply, HDPE Pipes for Sewerage, HDPE Pipes & Coils, Sprinkler Pipe & Irrigation System, Micro/Drip Irrigation System, Accessories,PLB HDPE Telecom Ducts. The effectiveness of quality systems is reviewed by the top management regularly.