IS : 13487-1992, IS : 13488-2008 & IS : 12786-1989
Shree Salasar Industries introduces inline emitting pipe system for better irrigation of plants at very low cost and with scarce of water. This product confirms to Indian Standards as per IS:13488-2008 & IS:12786-1989 This is an integral pipe system in-built) in which the emitters are inserted in the laterals during the extrusion process at preset distances. We are instrumental in offering durable range of Drip Irrigation System that helps in saving water & fertilizer by allowing water to drip slowly to roots of plants. These systems are also termed as trickle irrigation or micro irrigation system and are used for allowing water to fall onto the soil surface or directly to the root zone, through network of valves, pipes, tubing and emitters. Competitively priced, our controlled deep irrigation system offers best water management solutions to the farmers for cultivated land.

Manufactured in : Class 1, 2, 3
Pressure rating Different emission rates
Standard IS:14151 (part2) 2008

  • Salient Features

    - High clog resistant emitter designed with a unique wide turbulent flow path.
    - Large surface inlet screen orifice.
    - Two entice outlets placed I 80' apart at each dripper end.
    - The additional outlet reduces the suction hazard from sand particles when the laterals are drained.
    - Easy to roll and unroll during inter cultivating operations, thus reduces chances of mechanical damage without losing drippers.
    - Uniform emission rate alone the lateral.
    - Available in wide range of emitter spacing from 20 to 150 cm as per customer's need.

  • Operating Range

    Working pressure range : 0.7 kgflan2 to 2.25 kgf/cm2

  • - No crust formation-uniform germination.
    - No soil erosion-soil conservation.
    - Frost protection.
    - Highly efficient.
    - Long functional life.
    - Quick and easy to install just unroll and lay lateral to reduce time and cost.
    - No need punching the drippers on the lateral.
    - Can easily be connected to the PVC/HDPE pipe by means of head connector.

  • All Field crops like Sugarcane, Cotton, Strawberry, Grapes, Carnations, Floriculture, Banana, Pineapple,Vegetables, Tea gardens, Green houses etc.