IS : 14151-1999 (Part -1) & IS: 14151-2008 (Part - 2)
Sprinkler System is strategically designed to supply to Indian agriculture conditions and requirements. The Sprinkler System are known for easy installation, lightweight, rugged in order to withstand wear and tear. Agronomists all over the world believe that the sprinkler irrigation system is the best method to get maximum yield at an extremely low cost. Using sprinkler system can irrigate 2 to 3 time more farm land with same quantity of water.The sprinkler system cleans the surface of the plants, which help in easy photosynthesis thus making plants able to produce more. It save from irregularities of the weather. In winters it saves from freezing of water. In summers it saves evaporation of water up to 400/0. The Sprinkler effect (like rain) saves water from flowing away and maximum water reaches to the roots of the plants It spreads water around the farm in equal quantity thus saving plants from bad effects of water clogging and water scarcity. With Sprinkler Irrigation System farming can be done easily on uneven surfaces.

Construction :

HDPE High Density Poly Ethylene is the most popular variety of polymers. Shree Salasar sprinkler pipe is made of HDPE plastic material. It is the recommended material for the manufacture of high pressure pipes and is renowned world wide for its reliability. The characteristics that makes it outstanding are its toughness, its resistance to chemical attack and its immunity to weather conditions.This makes it an excellent material to convey water.

Size Range

63mm to 200mm Diameter and pressure rating class 1,11,111 and Part land Pad II
PN-2.5,PN-3.2, PN-4.0, PN-6.0 With complete range of fittings

  • Salient Features

    - No crust formation-uniform germination.
    - No soil erosion-soil conservation.
    - Frost protection.
    - Highly efficient.
    - Long functional life.

  • - Available in ½” male thread connection.
    - Body, arm, bearing nozzles made of engineering plastic (Delrin) for durability.
    - Specially designed bayonet nozzles.
    - Both part/full circle operations possiblet.
    - Part circle operation ranging from 15° to 345°.
    - BIS approved.
    - Trajectory angle 25°.

  • The sprinkler helps in cleaning the surface of the plants, thereby helping plants in photosynthesis which results in greater yield. Sprinkler systems save evaporation of water to the tune of 40% in summers and during winters they save the surface of the plants from accumulation of frozen water.