Avail from us supreme quality of Rigid PVC Pipes, which is manufactured as per IS 4985-2000 standards. Our Rigid PVC Pipes are made from Un-plasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride, Suspension Grade, K Value 67, which is perfectly blended with suitable chemicals. The Rigid PVC Pipes are widely popular in the market owing to their high durability and top class performance. High-Quality Rigid PVC Pipes are manufactured as per gov. Specification. We provide 2 types of Rigid PVC Pipes.

Manufactured in : Class 1, 2, 3
Pressure rating Different emission rates
Standard IS:14151 (part2) 2008

  • Salient Features

    - Self-socket at one end.
    - Plain at another end.
    - Fits easily without needing couplers (Solvent Cement Joint).
    - Solvent cement joint is permanent, strong and trouble-free.
    - Available in 20 feet length or can be customized.
    - Available in 25 mm to 315 mm diameters.

  • - No crust formation-uniform germination.
    - No soil erosion-soil conservation.
    - Frost protection.
    - Highly efficient.
    - Long functional life.
    - Quick and easy to install just unroll and lay lateral to reduce time and cost.
    - No need punching the drippers on the lateral.
    - Can easily be connected to the PVC/HDPE pipe by means of head connector.

  • All Field crops like sugarcane, cotton, strawberry, grapes, carnations, floriculture, banana, pineapple, vegetable, tea gardens, green house etc.